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Last Updated: January 1, 2020

This Policy describes how we treat personal information we collect both online and offline. This includes on our websites, through our box offices, or in phone or email interactions you have with us.
What Information We Have & Where We Get It
We collect and store different types of information about you when you buy tickets, contact us, or use our websites and social media. Such Information could include your name, your mailing address, your email address, your phone number, your social media account information, etc.., along with any information you directly provide to us.
How We Use Your Information & Why
We collect and use your information for lots of reasons such as relaying information about discounts and sales being offered, informing you of changes to event schedules or activities, for advertising and marketing… basically to keep you informed of what we are up to so you will have the most up to date info about the events you are interested in.
Who We Share Your Data With & Why
We may share your information with the event vendors/providers as well as other third parties associated with the service provided, but as a rule, we do not share it with anyone not directly involved with our events.
Your Rights
Among other rights, you can choose whether to receive marketing from us. You may also revise the information you have previously provided us. You can opt out of receiving our marketing emails by clicking HERE. You may contact us about address or other contact changes by clicking HERE
Looking After Your Information
To try to make sure your information is protected we store your information offline on a separate system, independent of our regular servers and computers.
Contact Us
If you have any questions or feedback about this notice, or how we handle your information, get in touch with us at