“Punny” Costume Ideas on a Budget

With the economy being what it is, sometimes the idea of going all out and putting a few bucks into a costume, that might be worn once, is not at the fore-front of our thoughts.  We have rounded up some of the most creative, cost-effective, and “Pun” costumes that might take a few minutes to ‘get’, but when recognized, may end up making you the life of the party:

  1. Ceiling Fan:  A t-shirt with the letter: “Go Ceiling” on it and perhaps a megaphone and/or pom-pom’s for the last and final touch.
  2. French Kiss:  Kiss, the band, has definitely more identifiable faces with their face paint, but add a beret and Baguette to the mix with a group of friends and you have “French Kiss”
  3. Split P: Have a hoodie with a zipper? Just add a colorful “P” cut out of construction paper or have one added at the t-shirt shop and unzip it half way.
  4. Spice Rack: Grab a large cupped brassier from your mom’s drawer or the local thrift store and wear normally… add your favorite spices from your spice cabinet and wear proudly!
  5. Tickled Pink:  Drape yourself in pink from head to toe, and find a feathered pink boa from your local craft store or Halloween shop.
  6. Raining Cat’s and Dogs: Have kids that have more stuffed animals than they know what to do with?  Raid their toy box for the night and affix their kitties and puppies to a cloak or umbrella.
  7. Pot Brownie:  Find a brown sash or an original brownie sash with a few badges on it. Strategically place some construction paper “Mary Joe” leaves and enjoy your friends reactions.
  8. Candy Wrapper: This one is for those with a sweet tooth!  Empty some candy wrappers and split them open. Tape or sew them to a t-shirt and add some shades and bling!
  9. Freudian Slip:  Slips are not just for under your dresses anymore!  Ad some quirky Freudian theories such as “ego” , “Oedipal Complex” or get edgy and write “Psycho-sexual Development”
  10. Hawaiian punch: Have an old Hawaiian shirt and a pair of boxing gloves?  Works in a punch!

Can’t wait to se what creative costumes our attendee’s will bring to the ball this year.  Sometimes, the creativity and the “pun” never runs out!