Las Vegas Rules and Etiquette

Sin City, a fascinating playground for adults to come and strut their stuff. But please, do not let the name fool you!  While Las Vegas benefits immensely from the moniker “Sin City”, it truly is one of the most legally restrictive cities in the United States, especially for Halloween. So keep that in mind before you let it all hang out, or schedule a mischievous R or X rated public display of affection. Las Vegas is a PG town, so we want you to be forewarned and forearmed so you can plan appropriately, and have the most enjoyable experience you can while terrorizing our city for Halloween…

With that in mind, we’ve put together a simple guide to the most obvious of the laws, restrictions, and other information, that will help clarify the line between myth and reality, and prepare you for a fun and edgy Halloween.


Costumes can be amazingly elaborate in Las Vegas casinos. We have seen some costumes that truely stretch the borders of the imagination, but please keep in mind: Oversized costumes are a hindrance to foot traffic, safety, and security of both the wearer and the individuals around them. If you decide to dress as Godzilla with a huge long tail, or perhaps a transformer on stilts, you might find yourself being asked by security to leave.


Casino security is a huge concern during any time of year, and Halloween is a day when security staff is on high alert. In order to assist them, the wearing of a mask, or face paint on the casino floor is prohibited, and doing so can ultimately get the wearer removed from the premises. Please note, for our party, we are in the ballroom areas and the Joint, and people with masks and makeup can enter from the Paradise garage entrance without getting hassled. However if you wish to leave the confines of the event area to go to the casino floor to gamble or play the slot machines, you will be asked to remove your face paint or mask.

Trick or Treating:

We recommend leaving the trick-or-treating to the kids! Local’s in the Las Vegas area are, and have been, on constant alert for drunk and disorderly adults banging on their doors and asking for candy. Metro police are truly stretched to the brink and the local communities in and around the strip collaborate to keep an eye out for troublemakers. If you MUST have candy, stock up ahead of time and take a pass from banging on locals doors.


Casino’s are covered by hundreds, if not thousands of camera’s and there are few places you can hide to avoid detection from your mischievous nature. We do not recommend unleashing any type of prankster element in the casinos or in a public venue on All Hollow’s Eve. The execution of a scary or mischievous prank could create havoc and end up with someone being sent to the hospital. Crowd panic is never cool, so keep your pranks out of the public eye or at home, between a few friends if you must. You will probably find yourself enjoying them much more anyways.


Las Vegas is a very wet city. There is no last-call, and the spirits flow 24/7. We want to emphasize that while you let the spirits move you, please do so responsibly. Designate a driver, use our public transportation system, or call a cab. There are even services that provide rides for free if you have enjoyed your beverages just a too much. Our local police department and Nevada state troopers are notorious for setting up random checkpoints to catch those who risk it, so it’s both socially and fiscally responsible to plan ahead. Remember, there are children and families walking the neighborhoods enjoying the holiday as well, so don’t risk your own well being, or anybody else’s, by getting behind the wheel after drinking. Thank you from all of us….