Halloween Sensory Overload…

Halloween has managed to position itself as one of the top holidays of the year – all over the world. In increasingly creative ways, people find new and elaborate ways of celebrating the old holiday, but in all instances, this particular holiday caters to all the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch,  and of course, taste. It could be said that most people enjoy Halloween because all the senses are overloaded on the scariest night of the year.

The bloody and gory sight of a well executed zombie does seem to get the anxiety level to raise. The distorted faces of a werewolf in mid shift, or even just the erotic scene of the vampire piercing a lovely maiden’s neck. These sights are only some of the favorites that are at the top of the list for some. Your eyes flood your brain with visual stimuli, force feeding you with scenes of confusion, dread, horror, and maybe even delight, causing your imagination run rampant.

Is that a blood curdling scream I hear?  Truthfully, nothing is more musical to the ears at a good fright-fest, and proprietors know they are doing something right as the domino effect of screams start to envelope the crowd. Men and women alike find themselves uncontrollably screaming, having been startled by the unexpected convulsion and ear-piercing howl of another scared individual. Have you ever tried sitting still in a good scary movie, seeing an entire wave of seats lift ever so slightly when a girl on the screen turns around to face the ghoulish element, popping out of nowhere?  Try it sometime… I bet you can’t!

Now granted, smell is most positive when you are familiar with the scent, such as caramel apples, candy corn and perhaps even just the Autumn changing the world around us, but there are positives and negatives to a good Halloween smell. It is an unmistakable wrench of the gut should you come across the negative. No need to elaborate more, but I am sure you will avoid the foul odors like the black plague!

Science says that the skin of a human is the largest living organ of the human body. There is no doubt that it reacts very quickly and very differently to the eerie touches that come from the shadows on Halloween, in comparison to say, the touch of your lover. The light touch of a spirit might brush across your skin, as they cross that thin threshold that holds the two worlds together. Does your flesh immediately begin to rise with goose bumps?  That heightened sense of awareness is caused by the fact that human skin carries over 9000 nerve endings in just one square inch. There is a reason we are so reactive to touch, good, bad or frightening.

Taste, the best part of any holiday, is quite pleasurable when you are stimulated by the obvious, food and drink, but Halloween gives us the excuse of using more of our imagination and keeping our eyes wide shut. There are other things that can stimulate the adult mind that some may not consider “taste” based. The taste of your partner’s lips, or perhaps even just the texture of their skin, their clothing, perhaps even food on your partner! If that didn’t stimulate your naughty imagination, then perhaps your boss just looked over your shoulder while reading this. There are so many options that are obvious, and some not so obvious, that when blended together can be quite enjoyable for both the ‘taster’ and the ‘food!’

So with Halloween hot on our heels and arriving soon, with celebrations around the world and right here in Las Vegas, we do our best to make sure you don’t leave our party disappointed. Let your senses do their thing and enjoy your own sensory overload. Next time your Halloween holiday presents itself… take stock in your senses and remember to use them wisely!