For Ghouls and Guys

Halloween is a celebration that all ages of individuals can enjoy. From the child who trick-or-treat’s to the flirtatious single adult to the elderly dedicated married couple, it is now a beautiful way to embrace your own child within and enjoy a holiday most have considered a children’s holiday.  In order to make sure that your time is successful, here are just a few survival tips for you to use while out having fun.

1.  Married Couples Who Need New Adventure

Role play and dressing up have been encouraged by therapists and an ideal way to spice up your sexy life. Take this to a new level where your role is now accepted and you can partake in your Bonnie and Clyde love affair or your fetish of playing Doctor and Nurse. Challenge yourselves to stay in character all night and watch what it might do for the after party later.

2. Imagination: Use it!

Ever wished your life was something so much different. Wished to be that stripper with the perfect appeal, or perhaps that school marm that keeps the class under her perfectly shaped high heel?  This is the night to crawl out of the closet with all types of props and be that someone else for a change.  Walking into a Halloween party in street clothes ruins the ambiance and will ruin your one opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Don’t waste it. Use your imagination and get inspired by it.

3.    No Boundaries or Limitations

Some of the simplest and most imaginative costumes have been the most memorable to some. Have no costume?  Think about things that nobody would even suspect. Tape logos of cereal boxes all over you body and call yourself a “Cereal Killer” or with some creative adventure, hit the local thrift stores and Good-Will. The whole white sheet with holes cut into it is far too cliché but if you can get clever enough and find a way to dress all in black with two pig-tail braids, your brother Pugsley and you might just have fun finding cousin It to join you on your jaunt in the graveyard.

4. Recycle Your Own Wardrobe

We all have friends and those friends are more than likely to have barter and trade sitting in a box somewhere in their garage. Set up a trade night where all your friends bring their props, items, clothing and other paraphernalia to a trade party where you invite all over to enjoy a night of putting together your costumes and ideas with others. This is a great way to put together a new costume, socialize and clean out your own old clothes/costumes all at the same time.


We are all adults, and this is the one time of year when we can all step out of our shell, dress in sheik, sexy and ultimately become someone totally different without ever thinking twice. Don’t forget to step out of your boundaries and flirt, play games and socialize with that cute blonde in the corner, or your partner heating up the night for a future endeavor that you both will remember.