Appropriate Work Costumes

As the years progress, fewer and fewer employers are allowing those of us fun-loving adults to indulge in a costume at work during the Halloween season. Especially here in Las Vegas, where security and masks have now been banned in stores, casino’s and most parties where that security can be compromised. In doing some research though, there are still a few employers who encourage ‘dress-up’ and I have found some really cute and simplistic costuming ideas that might go over well.

When picking and choosing your costume take into consideration the following things:

  1. Comfort: You will be in your costume an entire work day so you want to be sure it’s practical and comfortable to wear when sitting at your desk, or for driving to work.
  2. Makeup vs Mask: Again, masks are not always allowed here in Vegas, so you might want to consider make-up, but again remember, make-up runs, and wears badly and your skin may not enjoy not being able to breathe, so minimal make up might be the way to go.
  3. Appropriate for Work Environment: Ask yourself, “Is this too sexy?” If you are even questioning, don’t bother. You would be amazed how many people find ‘fun’ a bit ‘offensive.’
  4. Pick a Theme: Work with your fellow co-workers to come up with a theme. We had an employer encourage a competitive spirit for each department to outdo the other, the department winning obtaining a small party afterwards at the CEO’s generosity.

Here are a few ideas that might fall well within the work environment:

  1. Housewife: If you can’t be comfy in this one … then you aren’t one.
  2. Alien: Bright and shiny, colorful… definitely getting the attention
  3. Fortune Teller: Broomstick skirts and scarves tucked in your drawer with the jewelry that you bought an eon ago lend a good touch.
  4. Chef/Cook: The wife has an apron? White coat and maybe a paper chef hat? Julia Child eat your heart out.
  5. Hobo: Doesn’t take too much to rake through the old-clothes that you had wanted to give to the good will and smear a few eye shadow streaks over your cheeks and muss up your hair to give the impression of a long arduous train ride.

These are just a few of the costume ideas that some would be able to wear to the work place, however, we here at the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball are a tad bit more daring with what we might see here. We have a variety of new costumes and along with some old favorites that skirt the edge of sexy, fun and eye-fulfilling… don’t miss it, get your tickets now!