First and foremost we whole heartedly hope you and yours are riding out this storm in safety and relative comfort. Our sincerest heartfelt wishes go out to those severely impacted by this catastrophe.

Las Vegas has been particularly hard hit, and for that reason we have to sadly announce that we are postponing the 25th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball until October 30, 2021. Unfortunately, after 24 years, we will no longer be an “annual” event, however, 2021 will still be our 25th actual event, so it’s still our 25th Anniversary event. You can be sure that after we’ve all been cooped up for so long, we will be pulling out all the stops to ensure that the 2021 Halloween Ball will be one for the record books.

TICKET HOLDERS: If you received e-tickets, new tickets will be issued once the location for the 2021 event is finalized. If you cannot, or do not, want to attend in 2021, we can offer the following two options:

1) We can apply your purchase amount towards any future Halloween event thru 2025 (or other events should any be produced, such as a possible “Halfway To Halloween” in April)
2) We can transfer your tickets to any person or persons of your designation.

Notify us at this email address before December 1, 2020 to let us know if you want to take advantage of either of our two alternative options. We don’t need to know a date, or an event, or the names of people to transfer to, we just need an RSVP so we can make sure we know what you want to do. We’ll then put you in a priority file, and keep you updated on future developments and events. After December 1, 2020, the two alternative options will expire, and if you haven’t notified us otherwise, you will remain on the list for 2021 attendance.

SPONSORS: You signed on to sponsor the 25th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball. Because the event is postponed to 2021, you are receiving that additional 12 months of publicity for your brand, at no additional cost.

VENDORS: At this time we do not want to lock anyone into a position that may not exist at the cost of you missing an alternative opportunity, however, we suspect the situation is the same everywhere else. We will of course let you know when we know with certainty where the 2021 event is taking place, and you’ll have the option at that time to accept or decline and any costs can be addressed at that time.

We thank you all for your support of the BALL and look forward to seeing your happy, healthy faces at our event, be it sooner or later. In the mean time, please take precautions, stay healthy, be kind, and be well!!